Lava Rock Aromatherapy Necklace (Magnetic Hematite)

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Materials: Alloy metal with a bronze finish, natural lava rock beads and a magnetic hematite stone center bead. 

Please note that your stone beads may vary slightly from the photos due to natural materials. This is an original design by Cali Crystals that is handmade to order.

Size: Chain measures approximately 18". Center bead measures 3/8" (10mm) and each lava rock bead measures 5/16" (8mm). 

To use, add one drop of essential oil to each black, porous lava bead. Allow the oil to absorb into the lava rocks for about a minute or two before wearing (lava rock beads should no longer appear wet). Scent usually lasts for a day or two. Refresh scent as needed. We recommend using a pipette to dispense your essential oils, especially onto your lava rock jewelry for best results. ☼